Time to get into gear to reduce driver shortages

It’s well known that the UK faces a shortage of HGV drivers and younger people aren’t being attracted into the haulage industry. Recent factors such as Covid and Brexit have only made matters worse. However, rather than focusing on the scale of the problem, maybe the current challenges we face provide the perfect opportunity to take a turn towards a more sustainable future.
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Let’s leave Europe with our targets held high

This is not an article about Brexit – for or against. Instead, it’s thoughts on how our country’s environmental performance will stay on track after we formally leave. And what needs to happen to enable us to achieve our goals. After all, there’s more than our patriotic pride at stake here.
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2020: The year Monks went from strength to strength

You don’t need me to tell you how challenging times have been during this last nine months. No matter whether you are part of a global operation, a national brand, a regional SME or a one-man band, it’s been a tough old year for us all.
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Monks waste no time driving forward with growth plans

The foot is firmly on the gas as we drive forward with growth plans despite the pandemic by expanding our fleet and staff numbers. After a recent investment of £600,000 into new vehicles and trailers, we are proud to now own one of the largest waste haulage fleets in Lancashire.
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Lockdown or no lockdown - let’s keep waste moving

The impact of the temporary closure of Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) during lockdown earlier in the year was huge. Aspects of the waste sector practically came to a standstill and our local environments suffered. So with a UK second-wave lockdown a possibility, might the same happen again, or are we better prepared now?
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