Waste Shredders

We have various shredders including the new Terex 825 and V20. The shredder is a very versatile machine which can be on tracks or wheels and has the option of slow, medium or high-speed shredding to suit all types of materials.

The independent gearboxes allow each shaft to be run separately helping to reduce wrappage and improve the shredding of the material. The shredder’s additional feature include; a tipping feeder enabling the feed to be increased and a hopper extension which provides increased capacity in bulk applications.

Trommel Screen

In addition to the Waste Shredder, we can also supply trommel screens to separate materials into different sized categories. The drum rotates which spins all of the materials that are fed into the drum. This then allows any finer materials to filter through the trommel screens during the rotation process, resulting in separation of the bulky and finer materials.
The shredding of the waste is therefore more effective as the waste shredder can be configured to suit each material type.

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