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Contractors to the waste industry for 25 Years

Waste haulage specialist 

  • Large state of the art haulage fleet

  • Our vehicles can carry up to 27 tonnes

  • 6x4 Tractor unit 

  • 6x2 Tractor unit

  • Ejector trailer hire 

  • Walking floor trailer hire

  • We move and handle

    • Bulk Waste, Green Waste​

    • Wood, Glass, Plastics, Metals

    • Paper and Cardboard

  • Hooklift Wagons

  • Plant Hire 

  • Waste Shredder 

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Walking Floor Trailer

Here at Monks Contractors we have an array of walking floor trailers ranging from 130 to 150 cu.yd. 

The walking floor trailers provide haulage for recycling and waste services. The walking floor trailer can also be used on a 6x4 tractor unit which is capable for landfill use. 


Our walking floor trailers are able to transport the following materials:

-bulk waste  -green waste  -wood  -glass  -plastics  -metals             -paper/cardboard






Ejector Trailer

We have a comprehensive range of ejector trailers available.

Here at Monks Contractors we have ejector trailers with self powered donkey engines, or ejector trailers that are hydraulically powered from the tractor unit.

Our ejector trailers are used specifically for waste haulage, and can be used for landfill deliveries with a 6x4 tractor unit. 

The ejector trailers are capable of hauling a variety of materials:

-general waste

-green waste 

-bulk waste


-plaster board




Waste Management throughout the UK 

Hooklift Wagons

Hooklift wagons are capable of transporting skips from 15 yards up to 40 yards.

Providing an efficient delivery and collection operation and complete with auto sheets. 

They are able to convey different types of waste including: 

Non-hazardous general waste 

Industrial and Commercial waste

Non-compactible, bulky waste

Recyclable waste


6x2 and 6x4 Tractor Unit

Monks Contractors operates a state-of-the-art fleet of 6x2 and 6x4 tractor units.

The 6x2 tractor unit is suitable for road work, whereas the 6x4 tractor unit is a double drive that is designed for off-road use.

We also operate a '6x4 tag tractor unit' which is capable of both road and landfill work.

 Our tractor units can carry up to 27 tonnes in one load and we can advise on all aspects of both landfill and non landfill waste.


Unlike many other firms we operate both single and double drive wagons for maximum efficiency.


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We can also provide you with a 

We can also provide you with a 

slow speed shredder


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