Published on Jan 29, 2021

·      2-5% increased fuel efficiency

·      Maximised ‘up time’ through a newer, more reliable fleet

·      Increased load capacity, so fewer journeys required

·      Newer vehicles = happier/more productive drivers

What Monks do

Provide Lancashire Renewables with 30 new waste recycling disposal and recycling vehicles, along with a full maintenance and servicing support package, over a five-year period.

And we’re talking the top spec – new Volvo tractor units and BMI waste trailers fitted with walking floors and ejectors.

Features of the tractor units, manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility, enable Lancashire Renewables to achieve between 2-5% increased fuel efficiency. So, when transporting municipal waste for Lancashire County Council (that’s what our 30 vehicles are used for) their carbon footprint is reduced and environmental targets are achieved.

Maintenance services are provided by our in-house workshop team and when things get really busy for Lancashire Renewables, we also occasionally provide additional fleet with drivers to support peaks in demand.

Words from the client

Paul Brindle, General Manager of Lancashire Renewables Limited.

“Working in partnership with Monks ensures our operational performance is maintained at the highest level, and our drivers are much happier driving top spec modern vehicles. Our transport office team also see the benefits of improved service through a significant reduction in vehicle downtime - which ensures that collectively, we meet all our service related targets. The added benefits of reduced fuel consumption and our associated carbon footprint supports our future targets whilst transporting waste throughout the county network. Monks are a very responsive team, technically competent and have a sustainable outlook. Top marks all round.”